Privacy policy

CMP appreciates your interest in its products and your visit to our website. We wish to ensure that you are informed on how your personal data you provide us is processed, and it is important for us that you do not feel insecure upon visiting our site. The provided personal data, including your e-mail address, will be processed in the following way:

  • Information provided by you in order to get information from us (for example, a request for our annual report or other material) will be filed in order to carry out your information request.
  • Information provided to us for an application will be saved and processed very accurately for that purpose.
  • Personal data you send us can only be administered safely by us when they have passed our firewall (protection filter). Please bear this in mind when you send confidential information.
  • We will also use the saved information for internal visit analyses in order to continue optimising the site. We can use the saved information also to inform you in the future about CMP and its products. If you wish your information is not / no longer used for this purpose, you can inform us.
  • We will not provide your personal information or sell your personal data to third parties not belonging to or not being a partner of CMP.
  • Our website contains links to websites not belonging to CMP. CMPis not responsible for the privacy regulations of these websites.

All provided personal data will be saved in a file. Holder: CMP Alsembergsesteenweg 196, B-1190 Brussels. These data are meant for promoting products of CMP. You have access right and a correction right with regard to these data. Additional information: "Openbaar Register” (Commission for the protection of the privacy).

Conditions of use

Visiting and consulting this site is covered by our user terms and conditions and by all applicable laws. By visiting and consulting this site you accept the user terms and conditions, as described further on, without limitation or exclusion.

Copyright notice

The contents of this site are protected by the copyright and this copyright is the property of CMPand/or its suppliers and partners. All rights are reserved. Information of the site (including, but not limited to text, presentations, illustrations, pictures and sound), unless otherwise stated, may not be copied, transferred, diffused or saved without the written permission of CMP. Modifications of the contents of the site are strictly forbidden. Parts of the site contain illustrations falling explicitly under the copyright of the suppliers.

No guarantee or liability

By no means, the information shown in this site may give rise to rights or claims. CMP is not liable for the information on sites accessed through this site. Links are offered as a service to you and do not imply that CMP is responsible for the contents of these sites. Moreover, it is your own responsibility to check that these sites are free of viruses and other harmful items. Information on this site can be modified by us without former notification or obligation.

Remarks, questions and suggestions

CMP does not want to receive any confidential or reserved information through this site. All information provided by you to us (suggestions, ideas and others) will be regarded as non-confidential and public, except for the above mentioned contents of the privacy policy regarding your personal information. By sending material to CMP you give CMP the unlimited, irrevocable right to use, show, modify, process and publish as well as to register this information legally; CMP can also freely apply ideas and techniques you send to us. CMP has composed this site with the greatest possible care. CMP accepts all suggestions or commentary. In case of objections against certain texts or images, these objections can be communicated.


CMP is at any time entitled to change the user terms and conditions by publishing them again on this site. The user terms and conditions are prepared and subject to the country where CMP is legally established, namely Belgium, and all disputes will be subject to the Belgian legislation. When, according to a court with applicable jurisdiction, a part of these user terms and conditions is invalid or not feasible, the corresponding part of the user terms and conditions will be considered to be invalid, whereas the other clauses of these user terms and conditions will be considered to be entirely valid and feasible.

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