Cookie policy

CMP uses cookies in order to match better your needs and preferences to our websites. You can also refuse cookies. In that case we draw your attention that certain parts of our websites may not function properly. It is also possible that you will no longer have access to certain services that we offer on our website.

If you do not change your cookie settings and you opt to "go further", then CMP assumes that you accept our cookies.

Below we give you more information on cookies using a simple Q&A structure.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file left in the web browser of your computer or your mobile device - such as your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, etc by the server of the site that you are at that moment. A cookie contains a code that can only be read by the server that placed it there. So the server has no access to other information that are on your computer or your mobile device.

How Is a cookie file structured?

A cookie file contains:

  • the name of the server that placed the cookie file
  • an expiration date is given
  • a unique number code

What is the use of a cookie?

Using cookies, we make sure that your browsing experience as a visitor to one of our websites proceeds best possible. This means, among other thing, to allow you to navigate quicker and easier between different sections of the website or by adjusting the content of our site to your personal preferences, e.g. language preference

Where can I find these cookies?

Cookies are placed in a separate folder of your browser on your computer or your mobile device.

What is a “Session cookie'?

This cookie has as a function to recognize your browser during your visit to our websites

What is a "Permanent cookie"?

This cookie has as a function to recognize your browser with a view to repeated visits to our websites.

Which cookies are necessary?

You will get the impression that some parts of our websites do not function or function not properly if you turned off the necessary cookies. CMP uses such cookies, for instance, when filling out contact forms or to be able to participate in discussions on our blogs. CMP uses 'necessary' cookies when you want to log into your personal account. Using these cookies we can safely check your identity in order to provide access to the personal information that you left.

What are “Functional cookies”?

As the word suggests itself, these cookies provide the optimal functioning of our websites so you experience a pleasant and as personal as possible visit to our websites. CMP uses' Functional cookies’ to "remember" your personal preferences and to avoid the same communication at repeated visits, for instance in participating in an action.

What are 'Performance cookies'?

CMP uses “Performance cookies” to determine how you use our websites with a view to adapt and improve the content and usability of our websites. For example, the number of visitors per page is tracked or the most common language in which the website is visited.

What are “Third Party cookies"?

These are cookies that are written from ads stated by third parties on the websites of CMP. And this with the objective to adapt the advertising and / or the content of the advertisements on your personal preferences. You will see these cookies only if you do not switch them off. Using “Third Party Cookies” neither CMP nor the advertisers (third parties) have acces to your personal information.

What is ‘Embedded content'?

On its websites CMP may refer to other sites via a clickable link. This way you can end up at a website of another organization. It is possible that the website to which you are referred uses also uses. CMP advises you at that time to consult the terms of use of the organization concerned, stated on their own website, to keep you informed about their privacy and cookie policy.

How can I manage the cookies?

You manage your cookies automonously. You can adjust the settings of your browser to your personal preferences. You can always do both remove already installed cookies and refuse new cookies by modifying your browser settings.

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