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The laboratory CMP does its utmost efforts to provide all the time an excellent service and accurate results. The results of routine tests are normal available at the latest within 24hrs.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a medical laboratory report is not an isolated document. It must always be assessed by a competent person, general practitioner or specialist. In case of doubt or discussion one can always ask for assistance from experts of laboratory in clinical biology for further consultation or the necessary additional tests: retesting or complementary tests.

Be careful with so-called in-between requests (getrapte aanvragen): some analyses (such as hematology and other cellular analyzes) should be done on a fresh sample. Also, a stored serum sample can be in principle defrosted only once. With small remains of sample, there is always a special risk of artifacts as a result of evaporation, denaturation or bacterial contamination of the sample.

The printed full lab report is the only valid document. One should be aware that CMP, despite all efforts, cannot take full responsibility for electronic reports, i.a. considering the readability and its accuracy partly influenced by the hardware and software (versions!) with which they are downloaded or viewed at the final users. Experience has shown that even with faxed reports the readability cannot always be guaranteed.

At the reception the laboratory CMP takes all precautions for the proper treatment of the sample, partly due to upon dependent requested analyses.

CMP is not responsible for the accuracy of the information (including patient identification) it receives.

In view of the medical context and the possible complexity to obtain a correct sample, CMP does its best to provide results also from not properly identified samples or samples that reach the laboratory in suboptimal condition, of course in this case often with the mention of the necessary reservation.

The reseiver used for a sample collection can influenced the final quality of the result to a large extent. It is therefore important to ascertain before the sample collection whether or not one disposes proper collected material for referred analysis (-ses) and also to verify that the expiration date has not been exceeded.

CMP is not responsible for the sample collection or interim sample preservation which hasn’t been performed by its services itself. If CMP doubts about the quality of the sample, for instance as a result of pre-analytical problems even without CMP had been involved in taking those blood samples, this will be indicated on the laboratory report.

It is common that the reference values and units of terms are marked in a laboratory report and that the possible anomalous results from it are indicated. This is in fact a very complex matter that is subjected to continuous evolution. In principle the reference values in the report apply as the correct and current ones.

As a basic reference, the reference values are always of course used for healthy adults. If available and needed, reference values are adjusted, according to other variables such as age. The professional caution should be practise with the interpretation, especially with respect to pediatric samples or samples taken from the old,

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Possible prices displayed on this website are purely indicative and conditional, partly due to the extreme complexity and frequent changes of the RIZIV nomenclature.

The medical information that can be found in this site must also be interpreted in its proper context. Patients with questions about it should consult their treating physician.


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